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Марка: V VIN-номер: WVWZZZ1KZ9W033408 Код страны: RUS
Модельный год: 2009 Описание: Golf 1.6 Trend 75 M5F Регион: 935
Название модели: 1K10E1 Дата изготовления: 2008-06-25
Буквенное обозначение двигателя: BSE Дата поставки: 2008-10-13
Буквенное обозначение КП: JHT Лизинг:
Цветовое исполнение Модель Код цвета Номер краски (коренной идентификатор краски) Описание
Снаружи (кузов/крыша) W9/W9 LC5F Blue Graphite Pearlescent/Blue Graphite Pearlescent
Внутри HA Anthracite/Titanium Black/Black
Коды комплектаций Текущий номер № Происхождение Семейство Описание
1 0A2 P TUE 4 doors
2 0AE P STV Front stabilizer
3 0BE P STH Rear stabilizer
4 0EM L EDF Installation differentiation for transmission MQ 200 vehicle components
5 0FA L FAD Standard manufacturing sequence
6 0GG L AGM Emissions concept EU 4
7 0HA L AED Vehicle class differentiation 1K0
8 0KA L KAE Without stickers and badges
9 0NB E SZU Nameplate set in base trim
10 0P0 L AER Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
11 0SN L SAU Labels/plates in Russian
12 0TA L ZFM Without floor mats
13 0VU L BTA Information kit in Russian
14 0Y3 L KLZ Cold zones
15 0YC L GKH Weight range 3 installation control only, no requirement forecast
16 1A1 L KRS Fuel sys. for carburetor gasoline eng. w/ injector system without fuel return
17 1AC L BRS Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
18 1D0 L AHV Without trailer hitch
19 1E1 L AKB Activated carbon canister
20 1EY L TYP Special identification plate with weight data, but without general operating permit (ROW)
21 1G6 E RER Space-saving spare wheel
22 1JB P DFH Rear shock absorption for rough-road design
23 1KD L BAH Disc brakes, rear
24 1ME L LRA Steering wheel
25 1N3 L LEN Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
26 1NC L RAA Full wheel covers
27 1PA L ABR Standard wheel bolts
28 1Q0 L TGL Without mass damper for steering wheel
29 1S1 L BOW Tool kit and jack
30 1SK L TWU Additional engine and transmission guardand underbody stone guard
31 1T0 L VBK Without first aid kit and warning triangle
32 1W2 P KBX Glove compartment cooling system
33 1X0 L ATA Front wheel drive
34 1Z2 L KRM Increase in initial standard fuel filling
35 1ZF L BAV Disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
36 2A0 L UEA Without delivery equipment
37 2G7 L EBB Filler neck module 1 with insert
38 2H0 L CHA Without "drive select"
39 2JB L STF Standard bumpers
40 2LD L KRB Fuel tank without differentiation of special material treatment (fluorination/co-extrusion)
41 2P1 L LKS Plastic trunk sill protection
42 2UB P SWP Rough-road design
43 2WA L ZBR Without additional tires
44 3B4 L ZKV Child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
45 3C7 L SHM 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
46 3CA L TRW Without partition
47 3FA L DEI Without roof insert (standard roof)
48 3G0 L KSI Without child seat anchor front (ISOFIX)
49 3GA L LBH Without cargo area
50 3H0 P LER Without backrest release for front seats
51 3J1 L KOV Height-adjustable headrests for front seats
52 3K0 L SKS Without safety headrest system
53 3L1 L SIE Manual height adjustment for left front seat
54 3M0 L SZL Without special measures
55 3NZ L HIS Rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split folding
56 3P1 L HAL Bracket for first aid kit and warning triangle
57 3QT L RSV 3-point seat belts with tensioner and height adjustment, front
58 3S0 L DAR Without roof rails/roof load rack
59 3SB L SFR Standard seat, front right
60 3T2 L KOH Three rear headrests
61 3TB L SFL Standard seat, front left
62 3U1 L GPR Foldable trunk cover
63 3X0 L DLS Without load-through provision
64 3Y0 L SSR Without roll-up sun screen
65 3YQ L TAV Door pockets without insert mats
66 3ZB L SHA 3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE label
67 4A3 P SIH Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
68 4AF L TSV Door and side trim panel in foam film and woven fabric
69 4B1 L SSL Protective side molding
70 4E0 L SDH Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking from outside
71 4GF L WSS Windshield in heat-insulating glass
72 4H3 L KDS Manual child lock
73 4K3 L TKV Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
74 4KC L SSH Side and rear windows in heat-insulatingglass
75 4L2 L IRS Dipping breakaway interior mirror
76 4P0 L PBH Rear floor panel module, type 1
77 4R4 L FEH Power windows with comfort operation andcircuit breaker
78 4SB L MSL Vanity mirror left
79 4TB L MSR Vanity mirror right
80 4U0 L GNF Without luggage nets/pockets on backrests
81 4UF L AIB Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
82 4W0 L KBO Without cassette and CD storage unit
83 4X3 L SAB Side air bag front with curtain air bag
84 5A7 L GRV Comfort trunk lining with service lid/ cover
85 5C0 L KSA Without special body measures
86 5D1 L TRF Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
87 5J0 L HES Without rear spoiler
88 5K0 L LAC Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
89 5RQ L ASR Right exterior mirror: convex
90 5SL L ASL Left exterior mirror: aspherical
91 5TC L EIH Without decorative inserts
92 6A0 L FEU Without fire extinguisher
93 6E3 E MAS Front center armrest
94 6EP L ZKS Additional stone guard body covers
95 6FA L BBO Components without special surface appearance
96 6P1 L KZH License plate bracket rear (ECE)
97 6PA L HBV Plastic hand brake lever handle
98 6Q1 L SAG Plastic gearshift knob/handle
99 6T0 L INL Without interior light in footwell
100 6W1 L KZV License plate bracket front (large)
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