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Das Auto - kodiaq
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101 6XN L ASE Exterior mirrors: electrically adjustable, separately heated
102 7A0 L CDW Without CD changer/CD player
103 7AA L EDW Electronic vehicle immobilization device
104 7B0 L STD Without socket
105 7E0 L WSA W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
106 7K0 L RDK Without tire pressure warning light
107 7M5 L EIL Without protective film for scuff plate
108 7P0 L LOR Without lumbar support in seat backrests
109 7PA L PGK Platform group class 1
110 7Q0 L NAV Without navigation device
111 7QA L CDR Without CD/DVD for navigation
112 7R3 L SLE Side turn signal lights (white)
113 7X0 L EPH Without park distance control
114 8BG L HSW Twin-headlight for driving on the right,with integrated high beam
115 8GU P GEN Alternator 140 A
116 8K0 L FLS Without special low beam mode
117 8M1 L HEW Rear window wiper and washer system with intermittent control
118 8N4 L SWS Windshield wiper intermittent control with potentiometer (four speeds)
119 8Q1 L LWR Headlight-range adjustment
120 8RE P LSE 4 speakers (passive)
121 8S1 L LEL Reading light front
122 8T0 L GRA Without cruise control system (CCS)
123 8TC L NEL Rear fog light for driving on the right
124 8UA P RAO Radio with CD player
125 8W1 P WWA Washer fluid level indicator
126 8WD E NES Integrated front fog light
127 8X1 P SWR Headlight washer system
128 8Y0 L SNH Single-tone horn
129 8Z7 L MKU Cold country
130 8ZM P ANT Antenna
131 9A0 L TAA Without taxi alarm system
132 9AK P HKA Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
133 9D0 L VEF Without preparation for two-way radio installation
134 9F0 L VRT Without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
135 9J0 L STA Without supertone system and tone sequence control
136 9JB L RAU Smoking package, ashtray front and rear
137 9M0 L ZUH Without auxiliary/parking heater
138 9P0 L SGK Without seat belt warning light
139 9Q0 L MFA Without multi-function display/ on-board computer
140 9T1 P BWD Heated washer nozzles, front
141 9TC L WAL Additional reflectors (door area)
142 9U1 L BVK Brake pad wear indicator
143 9W0 L VTV W/o car phone preparation/installation
144 9WC L AUD Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
145 9Z0 L BTR Operating voltage 12V
146 A8B I AUS Basic equipment
147 B0A L BLB Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
148 B37 L TPL Type approval country Russia
149 C24 E COC Operating permit, alteration
150 C8V L RAD Steel wheels 6J x 15
151 E0A L AAU No special edition
152 F0A L FZS No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
153 FB0 L LAK Standard paint coating
154 FC0 L IND Without customized installation
155 G02 L DFV Front shock absorption
156 G0C I GSP 5-speed manual transmission
157 GP0 L PAM Vehicles w/o special upgrade measures
158 H6R L REI Tires 195/65 R15 T
159 J2S L BAT Battery 280 A (51 Ah)
160 K8G I KAR Hatchback
161 L0L L LEA Left-hand drive vehicle
162 L13 L GKV Suspension range 13 installation control only, no requirement forecast
163 MW6 I MOT 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 L/75 kW with multi-point injection base engine is T0B/T53/TC3/TL2
164 N4C L SIB Fabric seat covering
165 NY0 L BGK Standard battery/alternator capacity
166 PH2 G Air conditioning Climatronic
167 PSW G Rough-road suspension
168 QA0 L KIS Without child seat
169 QD1 L SFV Nameplates for sales name
170 QG1 L WIV Service interval prolongation
171 QJ0 L CHR Without aluminum/chrome work package
172 QN0 L SVS Without drawers under front seats
173 QR0 L KMP Without compass/traffic sign display
174 QS0 L KFK Without electronic map cooling system
175 QV0 L TVE W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
176 RFA G "RCD 210" 2 x 20 W, 4 speakers
177 S0T E SNR Pre-production series/SOP next MY
178 S0Z E SNR Control (in-plant)
179 S1X E SNR Special built-in parts (w/o police) in After Sales shop, control distribution type 02, with separate AS invoice
180 S5K E SNR Control (in-plant)
181 T53 I GMO 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 L unit 06A.S (aluminum)
182 U5A L INS Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
183 UF0 L ESS Without electric interface
184 UG0 L AFH Without hill hold control / hill descentcontrol / comfort driving assist
185 UM0 L MAW Without marten repeller
186 V0A L REL Tires w/o specification of tire brand
187 VC0 L GRT W/o remote-controlled garage door opener
188 VF0 L FHW Standard pedal cluster
189 VK0 L LFF Air duct, standard
190 VL1 L FGS Extended pedestrian protection measures
191 W4B G 4-door incl. power windows rear
192 WW1 G Winter package
193 X4M G Landessetzung GUS
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